Microseism squeeze molding machine

Z145WA/B Microseism squeeze molding machine

Z145WA/B Microseism squeeze molding machine

The machine has been optimized for structural design

Product introduction

1.Microseism squeeze molding machine, optimal design of aircraft structures,the machine using thefuselage box structure basket to improve the body of the steel .

2.It adopt microseism squeeze molding technics used to significantly increase the pressure and the strength to make up hardness HB85 sandbox more than one level to increase surface roughness,make the quality of the other products stable.

3.Shock part of it with a buffer spring,effectively reduce the impact of machine-to-base.The machine adoptcylinder, crank, connecting rod, synchronizing shaft achieve molding
synchronously, control part,all pneumatic components used to achieve the overall functionality
,simple operation, easy is easy to operate,visual sand,the operational procedures can be humane and effective to increase productivity

Techinical Parameter


Item Z143WA Z145WA(B) Z146WA (B) Z148WA
Max. size of flask mm 500*420*200 600*400*200 650*555*200 850*730*300
Size of work table mm 560*420 A 600*460 700*555 900*730
B 700*555
Jolting load kg 200 0.6MPa 300 0.6MPa 400 0.6MPa 700 0.6MPa
Compacting force kg 4200 0.6MPa 6800 0.6MPa 8300 0.6MPa 10t 0.58MPa
Compress process mm 200 160 150 200
Draw stroke mm 160 200 200 250
Diameter of compact cylindermm Φ300 Φ380 Φ420 Φ480
Production capacity Box /h 40-60 40-60 40-60 20-40
Free air comsumption m³/Box 0.25 0.4 0.4 0.4
Outline size(L*W*H) mm 955*680*1282 970*774*1575 1200*800*1684 1250*1000*2000