S33 series crusher

S33 series crusher

S33 series crusher
Brand Name:Jiahao
Machine Type:S33
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)


S33 vibratory crusher series is based on similar products designed to improve equipment used mainly for high-performance crusher sand resin sand broken pieces. It uses the principle of suspension vibration, vibration motor torque generated excitation to block sand the vibration of a certain law of vibration, through mutual collision and friction of the city of sand to achieve the prupose of crushing.

Technical parameter

Model S3305 S3310 S3315 S3320
Productivity (t/h) 5 10 15 20
Motor Power (kw) 2X3.0 2X3.7 2X5.5 2X7.5
Excitation force (kn) 2X40 2X50 2X75 2X100
Recycle rate of crushing sand ≥95%
Sand dia. after crushing (mm) ≤2.5
Demold rate (%) 2.5