Vibration reclaimer

S52 centrifugal vibration machine

S52 centrifugal vibration machine
Brand Name:Jiahao
Machine Type:S52
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)


This machine adopts the principle of eddy current type of renewable,mainly use the black sand crash reached deciduation,while the previous sand basin in the regeneration of the machine automatically basin cushion to protect the basin from renewable wear,exterior strong impact of the sand flow on the sand board completed the second regeneration, the installation of renewable basin lateral cutting boards,can effectively guarantee the reliable renewable sand,and sand in the regeneration process will not be broken,sand roundness better and more rules.Regeneration of the black sand to reduce the amount of liquid,the lower part of the installation of two wind elected institutions,can be reclaimed sand in the dust emission out inert membrane.


Technical Parameter


model S524A S528A S5216A
productivity(t/h) 5 10 20
power(kw) 11 22 30
demold rate(%) ≥25%
micro-powder content(%) ≤5%
reuse rate(%) ≥90%